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Save up to 80% on labour with our farmer-friendly multipurpose assistant

Supervise RoamIO from anywhere on the farm, or anywhere in the world



Our most adaptable solution for seeding, weeding and data logging in different types of crops.


Our flagship robot for cultivating, seeding, weeding, transporting, and datalogging.


Our most experienced offering. Small, yet powerful.

Why the Need For Automation in Agriculture?

There are serious concerns about the ongoing shortage of hands-on labor in agriculture, primarily in North America and Europe.

The nature of rural, seasonal agricultural work (with inadequate local transportation and housing issues posing additional challenges) means labor shortages are now widespread. High numbers of injuries on the job add to this problem. Today, an absence of workers is pushing up wages and straining profit margins. 

These factors, combined with a dependence on out-of-date, inefficient processes (which cause over-intensive use of resources such as water and fertilizers) has caused the profit margin of many farmers to fall to an all-time low.

Clearly, the agricultural sector is ready for a disruptive solution that conclusively addresses these issues. 

That’s why we’re heading into the age of the autonomous agricultural robot.

Part of the answer has already arrived in the form of Korechi’s RoamIO technology.

Korechi’s autonomous farming robots reduce the labor needs for outdoor tasks, including the most physically exhausting, low-wage activities.

Workers can then be deployed to other tasks that are harder to automate.

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