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RoamIO-mini can autonomously navigate fields with centimetre-level precision, which frees up time for the operator to simultaneously perform other tasks that can’t be easily automated. Multipurpose Farming Robot Automation reduces the labour needed to perform repetitive and tedious tasks like cultivating, seeding, weeding, transporting, and data-logging, this reduces the time workers spend in hostile environments. The safety of the workers isn’t compromised due to the wide array of obstacle detection capabilities that all iterations of RoamIO are enabled by – cameras, LiDAR, and artificial intelligence. Multipurpose Farming Robot Automation can be remotely operated using the tablet provided, and the user can choose between using a local Wi-Fi connection, or a remote, cloud operated one.


Body: Powder-coated welded steel tube chassis, waterproof, body; reinforced rubber tracks for agriculture
Dimensions & Weight: 45 x 36 x 36 in. (LxWxH) | 200kg
Motor Specs: 1.6kW (2.1hp), maximum speed 7 km/h
Collision Avoidance: LiDAR, sonar, and camera using artificial intelligence, physical and remote e-stop
Battery: 10 kWh safe lithium chemistry, 10+ years of battery life
Positioning: Multi-constellation multi-band GNSS RTK with dual antenna for sub-inch accuracy
Optional Accessories: Auxiliary computer for additional data-logging | LED floodlights | Structural mounts for sensors and implements

RoamIO-mini​ Benefits

Save Money & Time

Reduces labour needed to perform repetitive, tedious tasks. Allows the operator to reallocate their valuable time to more productive tasks.

Safe & Productive Workplace

Equipped with advanced obstacle detection capabilities for full autonomy, reduces the time workers spend in hostile environments like extreme heat or cold.

Supervise Remotely

Operated using the provided tablet computer via a local Wi-Fi connection or remotely, using our cloud services through cellular connectivity anywhere in the world.

Faster ROI

Equipped with 2” receivers to automate standard horticultural farming implements to assist you during numerous stages of farming, such as seeding, weeding, transporting, mowing, cultivating, sampling soil, and gathering data.

Seamless Communication

Equipped with artificial intelligence, which enables you to use voice queries to request relevant information. Additionally, RoamIO also communicates relevant status & operational information through speech.

Convenient Mission Control

Use the in-app calendar to schedule tasks ahead of time with the peace of mind that RoamIO-mini will start its missions punctually while accommodating to your busy schedule.

Friendly With Your Field and the Environment

Being a battery powered electric robotic platform, RoamIO-mini reduces your emissions, with potential carbon credit earnings. Tracked platform, with very low soil compaction for optimum soil health and high traction on different kinds of soil and vegetation.

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