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Save up to 80% on labour and fuel with our farmer-friendly multipurpose assistant

Supervise RoamIO from anywhere in the world


Korechi makes robots to automate simple, repetitive, and often unsafe tasks on the farm. That means farmhands can be redeployed into other demanding, higher-value-added activities on the farm. This is how we can help you massively boost your productivity. We reduce the work, you increase your profits.

Our RoamIO line of farming robots automate seeding, weeding, cultivating, vegetation management, transporting, and datalogging.


Meet our new line of robots intended for golf industry. These robots reduce the labour and energy to sustain golf courses and driving ranges.                       

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Who are WE?

Korechi Innovations Inc. was founded in 2016 in Ontario, Canada. From our Oshawa headquarters, we currently serve the US and Canadian markets. We specialize in the design of autonomous robots for farming and golf industries. Our robots reduce the labour needs for outdoor tasks that are generally physically demanding, low-wage activities.

The company is supported by an experienced board of advisors and has been vetted by a number of incubators — including Forge McMaster, Innovation Factory, Spark Centre, BioEnterprise and Communitech. Additionally, we have collaborated with Google Cloud for Startups, Startup with IBM, NVIDIA Startup Program, and Solidworks Startup Program.

Our work so far has captured the imagination of newspapers, magazines and TV networks across North America as they become more interested in the prospect of the automated farm, and the role of robotics startups in making it a reality.

Today we offer multiple product lines. Korechi has the ability to expand its technology into several other verticals, requiring minimal or no changes to the product or software. We demonstrated this with recent expansion into the golf industry.


Sustaining the family farm – Korechi makes farming profitable again by offering alternative farmhands for tasks that have no takers. We help customers achieve a Return on Investment on our technology in just three years, and sometimes as quickly as 12 months.

Achieving the benefits of electrification – We help you reduce your GHG emissions by means of electrification, with the added bonus of reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

Cleaning up operations – We help you reduce chemical usage thanks to persistent monitoring and weeding — using a weeding robot that never gets tired or bored.

Boosting efficiency – Our robots enable you to redeploy your existing manual labor force to activities that are more fulfilling, safer and better suited to human ingenuity. 



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