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2022/03 -Robotics ROI could edge out traditional implements for some operations

Agricultural robotics aim to do the jobs no person wants to do or the tasks that are simple but time-consuming. “We have to start automating tasks for two reasons,” said Sougata Pahari, CEO and founder of Korechi. “Somebody needs to work on the farm, but also this will draw new blood, fresh blood into the industry, which is very important.”

2022/03 - Bioenterprise Canada Announces Recipients of the Ontario Agri-Food Research Initiative Commercialization Stream

Bioenterprise Canada is pleased to announce the successful applicants of the Ontario Agri-Food Research Initiative (OAFRI) Commercialization Stream! More than 20 organizations have been selected to receive funding to conduct market validation and product development projects, and to bring those innovative solutions to the market. Not only will these projects strengthen Ontario’s agri-food sector, but they will also ensure Ontarians continue to have access to the safe, high-quality food the province is known for.

2022/01 - Agriculture and agri-food production are one of the top economic drivers for Durham Region. Careers in agriculture are essential to supporting our local economy and to feed our growing community.

There are plenty of opportunities for careers in the agri-food sector with three to four jobs waiting for every agriculture or agri-food related post-secondary graduate. In addition to skilled work in all fields of the agri-food sector, there are also numerous other opportunities including farm assistants, administrators, and small equipment operators.

2021/12 - Autonomous Weeding - A year of Tests

Three autonomous weeding robots were put through the ringer in Ontario this year – and with good results. Overall, and despite occasional hiccups, those running the trials said the robots’ performance exceeded expectations.

2021/11 Bringing robots to field crops

THE LATEST IN cutting-edge robotics is coming to a field near you — sooner than you think. A new team of in-field innovation enthusiasts have been working diligently over the past year to test, demonstrate, and troubleshoot robotic applications in a variety of Ontario crops, bringing the reality of robots within reach for farmers within this decade.

2021/08 - The Future of Farming: Autonomous Robots

There is no question that technology plays a major role in farming all across Ontario. Whether it be robotic milkers, driverless farm machinery, or drones, farms are becoing increasingly reliant on technology. Sougata Pahari, Founder & CEO of Korechi Innovations, joins us to discuss how his company is using robots to automate many repetitive and sometimes unsafe farm tasks.

2021/06 - How one founder turned a challenging personal experience into a game-changing innovation for farmers.

There is no question that farming is an exceptionally labor-intensive operation, and one with high price tags. Debt and mental health issues run rampant as farmers deal with major stressors outside of their control, from unpredictable weather to stringent government regulation and market volatility.

2021/05 - Farm automation likely adopted in high-value crops first

Several farm robots featured at the recent AgRobotics and Automation event hosted by the RH Accelerator focused on higher-value crops instead of corn, soybeans or wheat.

2020/12 - Quattro robot per il vigneto: scopriamoli insieme

Durante il Fira 2020, la fiera dedicata all'automazione in agricoltura, sono stati presentati quattro robot dedicati alle operazioni in vigneto. Fino a pochi anni fa pensare ad un robot che si muoveva all'interno di un vigneto sembrava una idea strampalata. E invece, durante Fira, la fiera dedicata alla robotica che si tiene ogni anno in Francia, sono stati presentati ben quattro robot, di cui tre sono già in fase commerciale e possono già essere acquistati ed utilizzati in campo.

2020/11 - Different Scales of Autonomy

LARGE ROBOTS MIGHT look flashy, but farmers and ag-service providers are finding value in autonomous equipment on smaller and medium scales. Where investments in autonomy are made, however, is determined by the job. Here are a few examples of how autonomous technologies are being employed around the globe.

2020/09 - У Канаді презентували прототип роботизованої платформи для сільського господарства

Канадська компанія Korechi Innovations презентувала прототип роботизованої платформи RoamIO, призначеної для виконання різноманітних сільськогосподарських робіт.

2020/08 - RoamIO Autonomous Robot Improves Employee Efficiency

Ontario ag-service company Haggerty Creek uses small, adaptable robot to complete time-consuming tasks. Small autonomous technologies are being used to improve work efficiency at Haggerty Creek Ltd., a grain elevator and farm service provider in Southwestern Ontario.

2020/07 - Agriculture technology incubators evolve during pandemic

Global farm technology investment funding hit an all-time high in 2019 of $4.9 billion U.S. According to the 2020 Farm Tech investing report by AgFunder, that’s an increase of 6.8 per cent over the year before, and a rise of 370 per cent since AgFunder first began tracking these statistics in 2012.

2020/06 - Feds help Niagara College with $94,000 vineyard research tool

The federal government has provided Niagara College with nearly $100,000 for new technology to help students and the wine industry with research and crop management.

2020/05 - Robots are coming to a farmer’s field near you

With nearly four decades of farming under his belt, Chuck Baresich has experienced his share of bugs. Now, the general manager of Haggerty Creek Ltd. is preparing to deal with an entirely new kind of bug as he, his brother and their father embark on the next generation of farming as the first in Ontario to use the autonomous farm machine called DOT.

2020/01 - Robot Automates Hard-to-Fill Jobs in Agriculture and Turf

A local start-up has developed a compact, rugged autonomous robot that can automate a wide range of agricultural tasks, like soil sensing, applying inputs, and harvest yield prediction for grapes.

2019/11 - Korechi Accepted to Google Cloud for Startups

Korechi is exhilarated to be accepted to Google Cloud for Startups

2019/11 - Korechi Accepted to NVIDIA Inception Programme

Korechi is thrilled to be accepted into Nvidia AI Inception Program! We look forward to making AI on robots a staple in farming and turfcare.

2019/10 - Korechi Accepted to Premium Tier of Startup with IBM

Korechi is excited to be accepted into the premium tier of #StartupWithIBM.

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2019/03 - Robot Builder Wants to Put Canada on the Map

Sougata Pahari is a numbers kind of person. There are the numbers, for instance, that drew him to Canada - two million fresh-water lakes, more than the rest of the world combined; 9,000 trees per Canadian, the most in the world; Canada's top 10 rankings on the World Happiness Index and the prosperity index.

2019/01 - Game Changer: Sougata Pahari, Co-Founder & CEO, Korechi Innovations Inc.

Two months after moving to Canada from Italy in March of 2016, Sougata Pahari co-founded Korechi through the incubation process.

2018/11 - Smart farming the way of the future

Oh, RoamIO, oh RoamIO, wherefore art thou RoamIO? With apologies to Shakespeare, this RoamIO is a remote-controlled land rover that is more likely to be found trolling through vineyards at Niagara College’s teaching winery than below a balcony wooing its love.

2018/11 - 尼亚加拉学院的精准农业计划得到了联邦政府的大力资助

哦,RoamIO,哦RoamIO,为什么你是RoamIO? 对于莎士比亚的道歉,这款RoamIO是一款遥控陆地车,更有可能在尼亚加拉学院教学酒庄的葡萄园里徘徊,而不是在阳台上寻求爱情。


There’s a new member of the team at Niagara College’s Agriculture & Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre. It goes by the name RoamIO Jumbo, and it is an advanced, rugged land rover, able to patrol vineyard rows with ease, helping farmers increase profitability or even save their crop from damaging weather.

2021/12 - Autonomous Weeding - A year of Tests

Three autonomous weeding robots were put through the ringer in Ontario this year – and with good results. Overall, and despite occasional hiccups, those running the trials said the robots’ performance exceeded expectations.

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